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What shall we grow in 2015?

Time to think about what fantastic fruit and veg you’ll grow this year.

January is a great time to think about fruit that you can grow in your own garden or allotment, you don’t need an orchard to grow your own fruit at home. From figs to rhubarb to apple trees – there’s something to suit every sized green space, including window ledges!

If space is limited, why not try growing fruit trees and plants in containers – many people grow strawberries in hanging baskets – making for a fantastic display as well as a fabulous treat! Here’s some thoughts to get you thinking about what you could grow in 2015 #GetFruity.

Figs – For fantastic figs – you’ll need to grow them against a hot, sunny south/west facing wall. Figs are perfect for growing fruit in containers as they are best when their roots are restricted.   As figs begin to form in the autumn and won’t be ready to harvest until the following summer, you’ll need a little patience.

Blackberries Foraging for blackberries is for many, a highlight of the autumn and these are great to grow behind greenhouses or in front of fences… growing your own blackberries couldn’t be easier as these delicious fruits will grow almost anywhere and don’t need much attention.

Strawberries – who doesn’t love fresh, juicy, sun warmed strawberries? They can be grown in containers, hanging baskets and window boxes, or planted straight into the ground. With so many wonderful varieties to choose from you could be enjoying the fruits of your labor through until July.

Raspberries – Raspberries can be planted any time between November and March, provided the soil is not frozen or waterlogged!! And another fruit that can successfully be grown in containers on the patio as long as the container is of a suitable size. There are lots of different varieties available, which bear fruit at different times. The majority are harvested between early and late summer, while others are grown for their autumn berries.

Rhubarb – there isn’t an easier place to start than with rhubarb…. it will flourish without too much attention. Rhubarb provides tasty stalks at a time when little else is ready for harvest in the “garden” and is a frost-resistant! But…don’t buy the seeds unless you are happy to wait a few (5 +) years – invest in buying the crowns instead which should produce fruit the following season.

Apples – A well-established apple tree is a real asset, and there is an apple to suit every size of green space. Choose your apple carefully to suit your tastes and the size of your space. If space allows then choose two varieties that will pollinate one another.

For more fantastic advice on what trees to consider, why not check out the advice from Helping Britain Blossoms founding partner; The Orchard Project 

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