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‘Say Trees!’ Real Life Orchard Roots itself in Central London

Abbey Road, Westminster Bridge and Primrose Hill were in for a surprise on National Apple Day, as a ‘real life’ orchard sprung up, wowing passers-by.

At the famous Abbey Road zebra crossing, our walking orchard resisted singing ‘Tree Loves You’, ‘Norwegian Wood’ and ‘Here Comes the Plum’, as they re-enacted the famous album cover of Abbey Road.
Probably for the first time in history, Westminster Bridge had its very own orchard – as the plum, apple, mulberry, pear and cherry trees, gathered for photos in front of Big Ben.

And at dawn on National Apple Day, our walking orchard descended on Primrose Hill to see the London skyline come to life…A mystical and magical sight – what a great way to launch Helping Britain Blossom!

Our real life orchard is sure to live Apple-y ever after!

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