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Our Partners

our partners

Helping Britain Blossom is delivered in partnership by HEINEKEN UK Limited and The Orchard Project, together with many hundreds of committed, inspiring and passionate people.

We want to help Britain blossom!
HEINEKEN is the world’s most international brewer, with a passion for quality, enjoyment of life and for respecting individuals, society and the environment. It’s a crucial part of their business and their work with the communities they’re part of.

HEINEKEN recognises a responsibility to enable the communities in which they live, work and operate to be more sustainable. Orchards are at the heart of their business. Around 30% of all the apples grown in the UK go in to making their ciders and they source around 1.6 billion apples every year from around 10,000 acres of orchards – most of which are in Herefordshire. Helping Britain Blossom will share the magic of orchards with communities across the country and create a positive lasting legacy for the future.

The Orchard Project is a pioneering charity, dedicated to creating skilled communities that plant, care for and harvest fruit trees, whilst connecting communities and increasing access to fruit. During their first five years of operating in London they’ve worked with communities to create orchards which are now being managed by skilled community orchard leaders. The Orchard Project want to share the magic of orchards with communities across the UK – learning together and supporting each other to establish a skilled and passionate UK orchard movement.