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Master Urban Orchardists – Volunteering Opporunity – London

Calling community-minded orchard enthusiasts for an exciting new volunteering opportunity!

Caring for an orchard is a continuous learning process. All through the seasons new features develop on the trees from beautiful delicate blossoms, to lush green foliage and finally the ripened fruit. Throughout the year there are jobs to be done to ensure the trees are thriving and ready to produce a bumper crop.


For first time orchard growers the necessary pruning, watering, thinning and staking can seem a bit bewildering but we want you to have the confidence to care for your trees and have fun doing it. We think a big part of the pleasure of tending an orchard is the chance to observe, experiment and create…and the trees are very forgiving!

The best way to learn a new skill is being taught by someone who has the practical experience and has done it before. So, we are developing a new team of Master Orchardists – community volunteers dedicated to sharing their knowledge and experience of caring for an orchard with others.

We’re looking for volunteers in London with a knowledge of orchards or fruit trees, a passion for meeting people and sharing stories, and the equivalent of one half day a month to contribute for 12 months.

Master Orchardists will receive training, tools and mentoring from The Urban Orchard staff and will share their confidence and skills with orchard communities around London.

If you’re willing to learn and share, have a love of orchards and would like to get involved, we’d love to hear from you.
Email and tell us why you feel you would make an ideal Master Ochardist.We will select 8 people to be part of the first year of this new program, with training and activities beginning in January 2015.

Applications close Monday December 1st 5pm. Become a Master Orchardist and see how your knowledge and experience can help others!  More information here.

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