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February is the month for Leeks & Savoy Cabbage

Do you know when cucumbers come into season?  What about the humble courgette?  If you don’t you’re not alone…. For many, we’re out of touch on what fruit and vegetables are in season!

There’s nothing like fresh fruit and vegetables at their seasonal best. 

If you don’t already, why not celebrate eating seasonably by getting back in touch with nature and eating seasonal fruit and vegetables each month.  Enjoying fruit and vegetables that are at their best, after just being picked….

Here are three fantastic reasons why we should all eat more seasonably:

  1. Fruit and veg are at their tastiest and freshest when they are first picked
  2. Eating seasonably is a great way of eating more sustainably
  3. Your shopping bill could be cheaper due in part by reduced transportation and production costs for growers.

If the reasons above have convinced you to have a go at eating seasonably then why not try growing your own?   That way you can look out at your garden, window box or hanging baskets and know exactly what is in season, there really is nothing better than the taste of something you’ve grown yourself!  And remember, you don’t need your own bit of green space to be able to grow your own, try joining a community growing project, signing up for an allotment or getting involved in the guerrilla gardening scene.

Find out more about eating seasonably, including a handy seasonable produce calendar, here:

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