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Castlehaven Open Space Community Orchard Planted

Community Plants First Helping Britain Blossom Orchard

Visitors to world renowned London hot spot Camden Town now have a new location to add to their tourist trail – the first Helping Britain Blossom orchard.

Castlehaven Community Association have planted the very first Helping Britain Blossom orchard in London’s Camden Town. The new orchard is part of Castlehaven Open Space, a small park which is run by the association, tucked behind the hustle and bustle of Camden Lock Market. This green space, open and enjoyed by all, is now home to fourteen new fruit trees and bushes including varieties of cherry, pear, plum and apple.

The planting day was held on a blustery winter’s day on 11 December with Association members friends and volunteers alongside the Helping Britain Blossom team all coming together to make the day a success.

Regional Project Manager, Merrin said,

“It was a truly fantastic day – it was great to see so many people get their hands dirty and achieve something together! The Castlehaven Open Space Orchard is in the heart of Camden and will bring so much joy as well as fruit to its residents and visitors, including local wildlife. We’re really thrilled that so many people will have the chance to enjoy this special green space.”

The Castlehaven Community Association have been delivering services to Camden residents, old and young alike, since 1985. They have a nursery on site, gardening sessions for all ages, a youth club and lots of activities for those over 60, including dance and yoga classes.

They have added to these services by partnering with a local doctor’s surgery that has started a charity enabling them to prescribe gardening to patients and the Castlehaven Open Space Orchard will soon provide a location for patients to take part in orchard care activities. The centre is also home to a great kitchen, so processing the orchard’s fruit will become an additional activity as the orchard matures.

Not only will the orchard provide an enjoyable environment for locals but it also provides a much needed habitat for wildlife. We look forward to helping Castlehaven Open Space Community Orchard blossom.

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