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Accessibility Statement

Helping Britain Blossom is committed to making this website accessible. Using the guidelines set out by the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) we aim to have our website conform to a WAI (Web Accessibility Initiative) rating of ‘A’.

Website Accessibility Options

This website has the following features and controls built in to it which will help us to maintain a high level of accessibility that will comply to W3C WAI ‘A’ standards.

CSS & HTML markup complies with W3C guidelines up to priority 2.

Browser Accessibility Options

It is useful to note that you can also use your browser options to change the layout of the website you are viewing. Generally, depending on the browser you are using you can change things like text size, colours and sometimes even upload your own style sheet.

The following guidelines explain how to do this with the most commonly used browsers.

Internet Explorer: Internet Explorer has a wide range of accessible options.

  • Changing the Text Size:
  • View > Text Size
  • Choose between – ‘Largest’, ‘Larger’, ‘Medium’, ‘Smaller’ and ‘Smallest’
  • Other formatting styles
  • Tools > Internet Options > General.
  • Choose between – ‘Colors’, ‘Languages’, ‘Fonts’ and ‘Accessibility’
  • Colors – Allows you to choose the colours of to be used for Text, Background and Links.
  • Languages – Allows you to add different languages to your browser to read the website.
  • Fonts – Allows you to change the font for any font that is not styled or specified on the website.
  • Accessibility – Gives formatting options allowing you to ignore specified Colours, Font Styles or Font Sizes. Also allows you to format pages using your own style sheet.

Firefox: Firefox has the following options.

  • Changing the Text Size:
  • View > Text Size
  • Choose between – increase, decrease or normal.
  • Other formatting styles
  • Select – Tools > Options > Content > Fonts & Colours Box > Advanced – Change formatting of fonts
  • Select – Tools > Options > Content > Fonts & Colours Box > Colours – Change colours of text, background and links