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About Us

Helping Britain Blossom is all about helping local people create, restore and access orchards – to enjoy and use for good in their own communities.

Arnos Park group photo

A community orchard isn’t just a collection of trees, it’s a powerful way to bring people together, to create green spaces and build healthier, happier and more sustainable communities.

Helping Britain Blossom’s ambition is to help 100 communities, in seven areas of the UK, to plant, care for and restore their own orchards by 2017.


Communities coming together
Helping Britain Blossom orchards are a simple proposition, a community comes together to plant, or restore, fruit trees and create valuable green space in their local area. This orchard can be as few as five trees or many hundreds of trees, what matters is that the orchard provides a safe, green space for the local community that can be used for a wide range of activities and celebrations.


Community events
Helping Britain Blossom orchards can be used for recreation, community events and therapeutic sessions. They can also promote community food production and enhance educational curriculums. Not forgetting, of course, that orchards have an important role to play in increasing bio-diversity, creating habitats for a wide range of wildlife and helping stop the decline of important pollinators such as bees.


Where we are working
Helping Britain Blossom have dedicated project managers based in Birmingham, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Greater Manchester, Herefordshire, Leeds and London who work closely with the communities, organisations, and local councils in their regions to find the best locations and people to ensure community orchards thrive.


Our partners
Helping Britain Blossom is delivered in partnership by HEINEKEN UK Limited, The Orchard Project and the Bulmer Foundation, together with many hundreds of committed, inspiring and passionate people.